Technical Setup

If you haven't already, familiarise yourself with our architecture

You will need to setup atleast one game server, and the tournament server. We suggest you get this setup way in advance so that you can identify any potential server and inter-server connection issues.

Game Server(s)

We have the following official game server projects available for you to use, please see their READMEs for information on how to depoy them.

Game GitHub Project License
Ultimate Tic Tac Toe MIT
Tic Tac Toe AGPL-3.0

Tournament Server

Run the following command to start the tournament server:

npx @socialgorithm/tournament-server --port 8000 --game <game-server-address>

See the GitHub project for more information

Connectivity Options

Participants/their player code will need to be able to connect to both the Tournament Server and Game Server via Websocket connections.

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