Before You Arrive

You will shortly start your workshop, but we need to make sure you're prepared.

Please read everything carefully!

Socialgorithm is a community of software developers that want to keep coding fun by designing workshops, competitions and challenges for students and companies. If this sounds interesting to you, join us!

These are the minimum requirements to participate in your workshop:

  1. Have a code editor. Try Visual Studio Code.
  2. Install Git
  3. Install NodeJS >7
  4. On Linux/MacOS:
    Run our setup script:
     bash <(curl -s
  5. On Windows:
    1. Install UABC: npm install -g @socialgorithm/uabc
    2. Download the player/algorithm starter: git clone [email protected]:socialgorithm/${GAME}-player
      e.g. git clone [email protected]:socialgorithm/tic-tac-toe-player

On The Day

Create a Test Tournament Lobby

You will first need to create a test lobby on our tournament server. You will use this lobby to test your algorithm/player implementation(s).

To create a lobby:

  1. Go to
  2. Click "Create Match"
    1. If disconnected, connect to
  3. Click "Get Started"

This is your lobby. You will shortly use the command in the "Connect Your Player" section to test your player.


Pick the game you are playing today:


Permission Denied / EACCES

If you see an EACCES error when you try to install an NPM package globally: See the npm docs on permissions.

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