Iterating Locally

If you haven't installed the client utility uabc please go through the "Before You Arrive" section.

UABC Options

The uabc utility which you use to play games comes with some handy options.

  • -p puts the client in practice mode
  • --log enables logging to a file
  • --verbose enables logging to the console
  • -f defines the path to your executable player (for scripting languages like JavaScript or Python you may have to add node and python to the path, as seen in the example)

For an explanation of all the options run uabc -h.

ProTip! Analyse Your Games

Logging to a file is very useful because you can then upload your log file to see the games and analyze the moves one by one.

For example, you can run uabc -p --log --verbose -f "python3", and use your logfile to see:

Game Analysis
Figure: Game Analysis

Seriously, this is going to be very useful, try it!


Ideas for Your Player

Competing with Humans

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