Getting Started: Javascript

If you have a Github account: Fork the project and clone it locally, so you can share your amazing implementation with the world!

Download the Starter Project

In a terminal window, navigate to the folder where you want to store this project (cd <folder-name>), and run:

git clone

After this, you'll have a folder named ultimate-ttt-player-js, which contains the player.

Set up

After you've cloned the repository, cd into the project folder (cd ultimate-ttt-player-js), and run the following command to install the dependencies:

npm install

The player.js file does the stdin/stdout work, and you shouldn't edit it. It requires the file src/defensive/logic.js, which is the one you could start with.

Inside the src folder you'll find three implementations:

  • defensive/logic.js - is a good start, as it already provides some minimal logic to compete.
  • firstAvailable/logic.js - selects the first available valid move, whatever that is.
  • random/logic.js - selects any valid move at random.

It's interesting to look at each of these to see how they implement the logic and learn about it before starting to make changes.

We have prepared some ideas on how to write the AI for your player that may help you out!

Continue: Running Locally


Can't find the project!

After running git clone without errors you should have the project in the folder the terminal is in. To find out where this is type pwd (or echo %cd% on Windows).

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