Getting Started: Other Languages

You can use any language that you want to compete, but if you're not using Python or JavaScript there's a lot more code that you'll need to write.

Communicating with the Competition Client

The competition client will execute your algorithm as a child process, and pipe commands to stdin/stdout using the following protocol:

Command Expects response Description
init No The server is telling you that a new game is starting, clear your state and await further commands
waiting No The server is telling you that the other player is not ready yet
move Yes Move request, since you can answer directly to an opponent move, this is usually only necessary once at the beginning of the game
opponent row,col;row,col Yes Sent after an opponent move, it contains their move data in the form main_board.row, main_board.col; sub_board.row, sub_board.col. After receiving this you can directly answer with your move

If you output anything that doesn't fit that format to stdout, the client will redirect it to stdout so that you can see the output on the console.


The only possible response at any given time is a move. If you answer out of place you will lose the game.

Response format

row,col;row,col - Where the first coordinates point to a sub_board/game of the main board, and the second are the cell co-ordinates of the sub board (main_board.row, main_board.col; sub_board.row, sub_board.col)


The following is a sample game from the point of view of player 1 (the input/output identifiers were added for clarity)

[input] init
[input] waiting
[input] opponent 0,0;2,2
[output] 2,2;2,0

[input] opponent 2,0;2,0
[output] 2,0;2,1

[input] opponent 2,1;2,1
[output] 2,1;0,1


Game Engine

You'll need a data structure to store the current game state, whose turn it is, and some methods to calculate whether a game has been won. You can take a look at the game engines we have written in other languages for some inspiration:

If you end up writing a game engine in any other language, please get in touch so we can add it to the list!

We have prepared some ideas on how to write the AI for your player that may help you out!

Continue: Running Locally

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