Getting Started: Python

If you have a Github account: Fork the project and clone it locally, so you can share your amazing implementation with the world!

Download the Starter Project

In a terminal window, navigate to the folder where you want to store this project (cd <folder-name>), and run:

git clone

After this, you'll have a folder named ultimate-ttt-py, which contains the player.

Run the Random player

The starter project comes with a player that plays moves at random. You can ensure everything works as it should by running this player against the uabc random player (so much randomness!):

uabc -p -f "python3"

You need to have Python 3.6 or higher installed, see for instructions

You should see output along the lines of:

|     Ultimate Algorithm Battle    |
Starting practice mode (1 games)

Games played: 1

Player A (player) wins: 0 (0%)
Player B (server) wins: 0 (0%)
Ties: 1 (100%)

Player 1 timeouts: 0
Player 2 timeouts: 0

Total time: 191.71ms
Avg game: 191.71ms
Max game: 191.71ms
Min game: 191.71ms

You are now ready to compete!

Improve the Random player

The random player plays by picking moves at random. You can view the code that does this by opening the players/ file. The code will be something like:

class Random(StdOutPlayer):
    def __init__(self):

    def get_my_move(self) -> Tuple[MainBoardCoords, SubBoardCoords]:
        main_board_coords = self.pick_next_main_board_coords()
        sub_board = self.main_board.get_sub_board(main_board_coords)
        sub_board_coords = self.pick_random_sub_board_coords(sub_board)
        return main_board_coords, sub_board_coords

    def pick_next_main_board_coords(self) -> MainBoardCoords:
        if self.main_board.sub_board_next_player_must_play is None:
            return random.choice(self.main_board.get_playable_coords)
            return self.main_board.sub_board_next_player_must_play

    def pick_random_sub_board_coords(sub_board: SubBoard) -> SubBoardCoords:
        return random.choice(sub_board.get_playable_coords())

As you can see, the get_my_move method is the one you need to edit, it returns a tuple of MainBoardCoords and SubBoardCoords (which are essentially the same thing, they contain a row and a column).

To keep things simple, start off with editing the players/ file.

Game Engine

There is a game engine provided that keeps track of the state of the game and does a lot of the heavy lifting for you. This can be accessed through the self.main_board object, and you can consult the API Reference for all the available methods


Some folks prefer to view the source of the game engine directly rather than using the API reference. You can find all the sources in the engine/ directory.

Continue: Analyse Your Games


Can't find the project!

After running git clone without errors you should have the project in the folder the terminal is in. To find out where this is type pwd (or echo %cd% on Windows).

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